In the display technology space, we have continually redefined the digital signage stage by positioning our solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. We have also built strong partnerships with Industry leading OEMs to deploy and manage VideoWall solutions as well as Single display solutions for clients with unique needs.

What are LFDs?

Large Format Displays are modern information media, designed using advanced, persistent, and long lasting LED/LCD Technology for Ultra High Definition content displays in public places like airports, at exhibitions, in schools, in hotels, for POS and in stock exchange/financial applications. They are also used for monitoring media in control rooms such as Network Operations Centers [NOC] and production facilities. Over the years, LFDs have been specifically designed and adapted for use in a wide variety of professional applications. LFD displays present crisp, clear and color-accurate images and provide an alternative or complementary visualization solution for modern control rooms.

Generally, most LFDs are built from LCD technology with LED backlights. This combination enables them achieve a long lifespan, produce the brightest images and an exceptionally slim design. LFDs are capable of natively displaying full high definition (1920x1080 pixels).

Why Commercial Displays (LFDs)?

  • Large Format Displays with ultra-thin bezels enable you display your business content or create a seamless multi-display video wall for multi-tasking
  • They feature flawless LED technology, auto brightness sensor and embedded media player in a slim display
  • LFDs offer superior and compelling viewing experience to any audience
  • LFDs also sport panels that are readable outdoors
  • Some series also contain powerful embedded software which includes a user-friendly scheduling function, to grant the user precise control and secure management of the LFD
  • They have thinner edging (bezels) making it easy to view images in a videowall setup
  • Some LFD models are ideal and cost-effective solutions for small businesses, particularly effective in retail and leisure environments
  • LFDs are built in air-tight cases to ensure maximum protection and ensure perfect airflow to minimize heating issues
  • LFDs offer excellent image resolution but are lighter weight and take up minimal space without increasing energy costs
  • LFDs also have the widest range of sizes

Who Should Use Large Format Displays?

Network Operation Centres

ECOBANK Accra Security NOC

AT&T Global Network Operations Centre


Heathrow Airport

Kotoka International Airport


Golden Tulip Banquet Hall Information Display

Hospitality Management Solutions

Financial Institutions

Diamond Bank HQ Lagos

Retail & Restaurants

KFC Cocoa Mall Ibadan

Churches & NGOs

House On The Rock Church, The Rock Cathedral Lekki

Educational Institutions

Samsung Engineering Academy, Agidingbi, Ikeja

Smart School Solution

LFDs and TVs Compared

Consumer Displays (TVs) Commercial Displays (LFDs)
Built to run 6 to 8 hours per day, with limited cooling onboard. A typical TV has about 20’000 to 30’000 hours lifespan Built to run from 16/7 to 24/7/365 hours per day. An average LFD will live for about 70’000 hours!
Built for use as a television, primarily focused on broadcast TV. Designed as monitors first, optimized for computer video and broadcast TV
Limited warranty, over the counter only. Usually warrantees are voided or limited if TVs are installed in a commercial style LFDs enjoy 2 to 3 year warranties on site
No availability of portrait mode installation in complex or customized installation scenarios. Some displays locate electronics in the stand, removing or limiting wall mounting options LFDs shine in Portrait mode deployment and virtually any mode suitable for the client’s needs
Focused on HDMI connectors, limited availability of other input types. Expanded input panels with a wider variety of inputs
Typically no RS232 control. If it is present, generally it is limited to on/off and perhaps input switching. Full RS232 control. RS232 interfaces enable technicians easily support LFD issues by allowing advanced diagnostic probes into the PCB of the LFD
No IR and front panel lock out. IR and remote lock out
Built in video wall processors to enable complex videowall deployments in LFD models that are suited for such scenarios
More rugged construction of the display chassis
Better cooling for a longer mean time between failures (MTBF)
Add on PC module options to further expand the capabilities of the LFDs

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Diamond Bank HQ Lagos - 2 By 2 46-inches LFD Videowall