nGenius Performance Manager provides government and enterprise customers with a comprehensive view into service delivery performance of today's modern IP networks. It is uniquely architected to scale to the massive amounts of converged voice, video and data traffic modern IP network deliver today.

nGenius Performance Manager is a key component of the nGenius Service Assurance Solution. It provides a comprehensive view to application and network performance -from the data center, thorough the core, and out to the branch office. Highly optimized to support the most complex and demanding network environments, nGenius Performance Manager leverages robust and pervasive packet-flow data collected by a comprehensive family of nGenius intelligent data sources, including nGenius lnfiniStream appliances, nGenius Probes and nGenius Virtual Agents and nGenius Integrated Agents software probes. Strategically deployed across the network and within virtualized server environments, these data sources capture and analyze real-time IP traffic flows. In addition, nGenius Performance Manager also leverages nGenius Collectors which utilize NetFlow, sFlow and jFlow data
from deployed network devices to gain additional insight

What Problems Does nGenius Performance Manager Help Solve?

nGenius Performance Manager provides critical information on the performance of services being delivered to end users. The unprecedented visibility into the service-delivery environment that nGenius Performance Manager provides allows IT managers to address the critical challenges they face today, such as:

  • Proactively managing application and network performance with a high-definition understanding of service delivery
  • Optimizing the existing network infrastructure for peak performance, forecasting bandwidth growth or recognizing capacity shortfalls before they begin negatively affecting performance
  • Validating and optimizing service roll-outs and properly planning for new technology initiatives to assure a smooth and seamless launch
  • Verifying service delivery over QoS classes and ensuring that users have access to the networked applications they need to meet their business objectives
  • Quickly identifying service delivery issues as they emerge to minimize user impact
  • Isolating application versus network problems

nGenius Performance Manager

The nGenius Performance Manager is a comprehensive, highly scalable, component of the nGenius Service Assurance Solution giving IT Managers unprecedented visibility into their complex IP networks. Leveraging flow- based and intelligent Data Packet Analysis (iDPA) technology that provides both real-time and historical information, making it possible to more efficiently analyze, troubleshoot and optimize the performance of their IP multiservice networks.

nGenius Performance Manager provides the capabilities necessary to facilitate fast, efficient problem analysis and isolation, including:

  • Application recognition and monitoring of well• known, custom-developed, virtualized, and Web-based applications and services
  • Critical application and network performance metrics that identify interrelationships and interdependencies between applications over the network infrastructure
  • Response time analysis and latency metrics which provide granular understanding of application behavior and early detection of application performance degradation and quality of experience (QoE) issues
  • Unified views of converged network environments with the ability to analysis voice, video and data metrics side-by-side in the same easy-to-use workspace
  • Highly flexible, on-demand and scheduled reporting and analysis capabilities to facilitate long-term trending and capacity planning activities
  • Unified monitoring of the network, applications and application server infrastructure to include both physical and virtual environments

nGenius Performance Manager is an essential component of the nGenius Service Assurance Solution, a unified service delivery management solution, and supports launch points and intelligent drill downs both from and into other applications such as nGenius Service Delivery Manager and nGenius Sniffer Intelligence. This tight integration provides a seamless contextual workflow and gives IT Managers greater flexibility in adapting to meet the requirements of managing modern IP networks.

What are the Benefits of nGenius Performance Manager?

nGenius Performance Manager provides the end-to-end visibility into network and application performance in a manner IT managers need to effectively optimize, protect and simplify user experience. This visibility delivers better business value by enabling organizations to:

  • Comprehensive, end-to-end understanding of application and service delivery across the network infrastructure, assuring a high performance service delivery environment
  • Optimized and efficient network infrastructure to run at peak efficiency and deliver a consistent high quality end-user experience
  • Granular understanding of how users access key business applications and assure users have access to the services needed to meet business objectives
  • Real-time recognition of poor service delivery conditions, speeding the identification and diagnosis of service degradation to minimize the impact to user