Security Connected: Optimized Security for Your Enterprise

McAfee offers the industry’s first open framework for integrating security technologies — Security Connected. Delivering real-time visibility and analytics, as well as a unique predictive capability enabled by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, Security Connected allows you to balance Web 2.0 technology, virtualization, cloud computing, and the use of personal and mobile devices on your corporate network while protecting your critical assets and sensitive data.

With Security Connected from McAfee, you reduce risk, attain compliance, and achieve operational efficiencies — all while protecting your data, endpoints, and network from current and emerging threats. Our integrated security management platform automates deployment, updates, and reporting, giving you unprecedented visibility into your entire security posture. It allows you to prioritize threat responses and streamline reporting and policy creation, so you can meet corporate governance and industry regulations and achieve new levels of operational efficiency. McAfee also extends this integration to partner products through the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance.

Tight Protection for All End points

Ensure your highly mobile workforce has industry-leading security and data protection, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Consumer devices — such as smartphones, tablets, and employee-owned PCs — are entering the corporate workspace more than ever before. With Security Connected from McAfee, you can safely enable the use of the latest consumer devices and allow seamless access to business applications and corporate data, while reducing security management overhead. McAfee also covers your virtual endpoints with McAfee Management for Optimized Virtualized Environments, bringing comprehensive security and management to virtual environments without dragging down system performance. Learn more about McAfee Endpoint Protection.

Next-Generation Network Security

Extraordinary data growth, along with connected, mobile users and a demand for fast, flexible, and secure network access are driving unprecedented changes in network infrastructures. Next-Generation Network Security from McAfee delivers the security, performance, and control you need for your organization's rapidly evolving networks. Whether your data center is going virtual or you are moving to a larger infrastructure, trust McAfee to deliver protection that meets the latest
challenges from virtual environments, Web 2.0 threats, network applications, and more, with integrated security
management that ties network access to corporate policies. Learn more about McAfee Network Security.

The Power of Cloud Security

Get critical protection for your assets, regardless of where they reside. McAfee enables you to safely move your data to the cloud, and ensures that those assets are protected when transmitted over email and web channels. With cloud security from McAfee, you enjoy the cost efficiencies that come with utilizing the cloud— without worrying about data breaches
and malware infections.

Leveraging McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, McAfee Cloud Security solutions protect your assets from the latest threats in real time. Integrated data loss prevention blocks the unintended disclosure and unauthorized use of your data by implementing policy-driven controls. With powerful inspection of inbound and outbound traffic, McAfee Email and Web solutions protect against this data loss and block web-borne malware. Our industry- leading encryption delivers multiple layers of protection, so you can securely exchange information with partners and other third parties. Learn more about McAfee Cloud Security.

Streamlined Security management

Monitor and report on your security, risk, and compliance profile with the industry's most comprehensive management platform. With McAfee, you can manage security across your entire heterogeneous infrastructure — regardless of the type of device, data, network, application, or database — in both physical and virtual environments. Our platform empowers you with global protection that shows you exactly what is happening within your infrastructure, and shared intelligence through our Global Threat Intelligence, so you can instantly adjust your security posture and reduce threat detection and response times. Powered by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software, the open architecture of McAfee's security management platform also enables automated tasks, flexible deployment for new applications, and easy integration with partner
products through our Security Innovation Alliance program. Learn more about McAfee Security Management.