Altech West Africa
Client: Altech West Africa
Project: FireEye WebMPS

The FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS) stops Web-based attacks that traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, Anti-Virus, and Web gateways miss. It protects against zero-day Web exploits and multi-protocol callbacks to keep sensitive data and systems safe. The FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS) provides the following benefits to secure the Altech WA network and their maintain the integrity of their operations.

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Client: Ecobank Group
Project: NOC VideoWall Monitoring Console Solution

Proxynet Communications in partnership with Samsung West Africa to provide the needed solution for Ecobank Nigeria Infrastructure Monitoring Team. Proxynet Communications discussed with the customer to understand all their needs. The Team at Proxynet went ahead to propose and deploy a 4 by 2 Matrix 46” VideoWall. This VideoWall is made up of 8 individual LFDs which are configured to display as different screens or as a composite display.

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Access Bank
Client: Access Bank Nigeria PLC
Project: Digital Express Banking

Proxynet Communications proposed and deployed a 2 by 2 46” VideoWall solution for Access Bank at the Ikota Shopping Center. This VideoWall is made up of 4 units of the exceptional UD-series LFDs. These LFDs are built to serve for a 24/7 operation period. They are each capable of full HD content display and together produce an Ultra-HD effect in a VideoWall deployment style. This VideoWall is powered by an Intelligent Network module which is capable of running a full blown Windows Operating system. This setup gives the customer the power to display any kind of content in any way they desire. To ensure unique content and playlist management, the solution comes with the renowned MagicInfo player and also allows remote management. This deployment wrapped up everything the Client wanted in a digital signage solution and this propelled them to partner with Proxynet Communications to deploy the same solution in every E-Branch in Nigeria.

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Access Bank
Client: Access Bank Nigeria PLC
Project: NOC VideoWall Monitoring Console Solution

Proxynet Communications in partnership with Samsung West Africa provided the needed solution for Access Bank Nigeria Infrastructure Monitoring Team. Proxynet Communications understanding the pains of the client, went ahead to propose, design and deploy a 4 by 2 Matrix 55” LFD VideoWall. This VideoWall is made up of 8 individual LFDs which are configured to display as different screens or as a merged display.

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Client: MTN Nigeria
Project: Bluecoat Packetshaper

Web traffic is diverse, and can’t be effectively managed without considering both applications and content. PacketShaper leverages the real-time WebPulse service to classify the tens of millions of Websites and billions of URLs into 80 logical categories. This means that you can manage similar content collectively, rather than app-by-app or site-by-site. With PacketShaper’s real-time content awareness, policies created today will apply to similar content created tomorrow, with no downloads or updates required. This makes PacketShaper an ideal tool for controlling the performance of Web-based applications and content.

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NETCO and UAC Logos

Client: NETCO, UAC
Project: McAfee Security Solution

McAfee offers the industry’s first open framework for integrating security technologies — Security Connected. Delivering real-time visibility and analytics, as well as a unique predictive capability enabled by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, Security Connected allows you to balance Web 2.0 technology, virtualization, cloud computing, and the use of personal and mobile devices on your corporate network while protecting your critical assets and sensitive data.

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Client: MTN Nigeria
Project: NETSCOUT nGenius Performance Manager

nGenius Performance Manager provides government and enterprise customers with a comprehensive view into service delivery performance of today's modern IP networks. It is uniquely architected to scale to the massive amounts of converged voice, video and data traffic modern IP network deliver today.

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MTN Etisalat Logo

Clients: ETISALAT Nigeria, MTN Nigeria
Project: PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is the all-in monitoring solution that combines the whole expertise of the network monitoring company Paessler with a comprehensive set of monitoring features, an easy to use, intuitive interface, and a state-ofthe- art monitoring engine which is suitable for networks of any size. All with one license: no hidden costs, no add-ons, no extra efforts! PRTG assures the availability of network components, and measures traffic and usage. It saves costs by avoiding outages, optimizing connections, saving time, and controlling service level agreements (SLAs).

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Creamer Media

Clients: Creamer Media
Project: Kerio Control

The Team at Creamer Media needed a way to better manage what network bandwidth users are working with to ensure optimized use of their internet pipe. They also needed a trusted VPN solution that will ensure secure access for clients and partners into their local resources.
Proxynet Communications brought to Creamer Media a solution that has evolved from just a Firewall to a full blow Unified Threat Management solution

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Clients: Blueseas Maritime
Project: Kerio Connect

Having cultivated a culture of excellence and being a technology-driven business, the Client needed a cost effective email solution that works without hassles. Blueseas Maritime also needed a solution that can support a BYOD environment with ease and also make email administration easier.

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House on The Rock Church
Client: House on The Rock Church
Project: Digital Signage Solution

This project would seem like a tall order for anyone, realizing the client’s high demand for solution ingenuity and extremely high standards, but not to Proxynet Communications. We completely understood what the client needed and went to work designing a premium solution that will exceed expectations. We delivered two units of 75” Touch-enabled LFDs for training and collaboration. One of the LFDs have the ability to allow direct wireless presentation from any device at all; Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. The LFD is equipped with a module running a full blown Windows 7 Professional OS to ensure maximum compatibility with already existing applications and services within the Cathedral.

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Client: KFC
Project: Deployment of a One hundred and twenty three (123) units of LFD Screens across KFC Outlets nationwide.

KFC Nigeria wanted to implement the same digital signage system that is used in KFC outlets internationally. We came to the rescue by designing a system which comprised of a number of Signage LFDs for each outlet, and then interconnected the outlets to enable us management the content from a single portal. The deployment is setup in a way that using a number of intermediary content management servers, the existing reliable network infrastructure and content synchronization technologies, the content displayed on the LFDs are remotely controlled from a single location. This provides the customer the ability and flexibility to change any content, on any Digital Menuboard, in any store, at any time of their choice. With this rollout KFC now targets a specific region with a specific product advert in real time.

KFC, City
KFC Ikeja City Mall, Lagos - 46-inches Menuboard Panels
Client: Mulliner Towers
Project: Deployment of a 3 x 3 46 inches Video wall Solution

The deployment at Mulliner Towers consist of the setup and synchronization of nine LFDs to show a single True High Definition content. This deployment know as a Videowall, allows the management of content over the network as well as locally. The synchronization of content on the LFDs was possible with the help of VideoWall processors that blend and adapt the properties of each LFD to produce the desired captivating images. The videowall can be configured to display a different content per LFD or per segment of the segment of the videowall.

Mulliner Towers
Client: Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL)
Project: Deployment of a centrally managed 3 x 3 Video wall Solution

For the OOPL project, we deploy a screen in the 3 x 3 matrix formation, allowing us achieve a beautiful 16:9 widescreen display for the Pavilion/Welcome area of the Library. This project involves 9 displays each with an intelligent PC module which allows highly scalable software based content management. Portions of the videowall will display content on the Library while others may scroll news updates, live TV feeds and contents from a whole lot of other different sources. The idea is to create a highly informative and semi-interactive display to provide tourists and visitors alike information on the Library, Nigerian Culture and so on while they wait to proceed on their tour further into the Library.

Client: Ministry of Aviation & Office of the Honourable Minister
Project: Deployment of 3 sites 2 x 2 Video wall Solution, Ten Units (10) of Single Screens LFD.

We deployed two units of a 2 x 2 VideoWall together with several individual LFDs in the Offices of the Honorable Minister of Aviation, the DG of NAMA, the Director of AIB, the DG of NIMET, and many other locations solely for the purpose of streaming live information from different revenue sources within the Aviation Industry. The videowall was deployed to connect to a Server which is responsible for the information feeds. The deployment was also prepped to allow any individual panel in the Videowalls or the individual LFDs to show live TV feeds. A simple click of a button, immediately changes the experience of the user from one mode to another allowing for flexibility. We also employed some highly customized installation equipment to enable only to target users view the information displayed on the LFDs.

Ministry of Aviation
2x2 Videowall, Ministry of Aviation, Nigeria.

Diamond Bank

Client: Diamond Bank
Project: Deployment of a 2 x 2 Video wall with Integrated Speakers

The challenge here was to setup a 2 x 2 videowall in a boardroom that had no form of support for wall LFD installation. We employed with the use of a well-crafted and stylishly-finished premium LFD stand. This stand enables us position the VideoWall anywhere in the boardroom to the satisfaction of the client. We also integrated the VideoWall to a ceiling installed speaker system. The deployment was also configured with dummy LFD panels to ensure the active display area of the videowall is at the same level with the Boardroom Table. This ensured ergonomically compliant sitting and viewing positions for participants during meetings.

2x2 Videowall, Diamond Bank, Nigeria


Client: NNPC Data Processing Centre
Project: Deployment of 55 inches 2 x 4 Video wall Solution integrated with Polycom Videoconferencing Solution.

The challenge at NNPC IDSL was to provide an immersive display which will fill the entire North End of the Conference Room and also seamlessly integrate with the existing Polycom HDX7000 communication equipment and the High Definition Eagle Eye camera. This was achieved by setting up a massive 2 x 4 video wall. This was integrated to the Polycom camera and Communication equipment using an intelligent multimedia hub. This system allows for smart adaptation and optimization of the picture streamed to the display. The experience is outstanding during conference calls.

NNPC IDSL, Eleme Port Harcourt, Videowall Project - 4 By 2 55-inches LFD Videowall


Client: Ecobank Ghana Express Digital Banking
Project: Integration of the Ecobank’s e-banking platform and Voice Solution for Customer Service Support.

Ecobank Ghana gave us the task of a deploying a fully certified digital branch which will have the following features:

  • An interactive information display videowall
  • A customer care portal that allows remote video support
  • An interactive customer enquiry, data capture system

We deploy a touch enabled videowall which will display banking information and marketing content for customers to take advantage of. This videowall allow users disrupt marketing content to make enquiries right on the information display screen. The site will also support video calls to Ecobank Customer care personalities who will provide real-time support in case a potential or an existing customer needs any form of support. The site also supports touch enabled surfaces (LFDs) that will allow real time data capture from customers for different transactions.

House on The Rock Church

Client: House On The Rock - Rock Cathedral
Project: Deployment of LFD Screens with touch interactive options

At the Rock Cathedral we deployed a number of E-Boards with touch interactive options. This allows for smart trainings, and completely interactive meeting meetings. The smart boards allows for sharing of content in real time using the smart share feature of the E-Boards. These meeting and training materials are made available immediately across Training Tablets and PCs alike making the experience consistent for all participants and trainees.

House On The Rock Church, The Rock Cathedral Lekki
House On The Rock Church, The Rock Cathedral Lekki
Client: Ropeways Transport
Project: Deployment of a 2 x 2 Videowall Solution

Ropeways needed a solution that will allow them step away from the old boardroom projector model. They also needed whatever display solution they will get to be compatible with their Apple TV, Voice and many other Apple Products. We deployed a 2 by 2 videowall solution that just perfect for their needs.

2 x 2 Videowall, Ropeways Transport
2 x 2 Videowall, Ropeways Transport

Golden Tulip

Client: Golden Tulip Hotel
Project: Deployment of Centrally Managed Single Screen LFD Solutions for Advertisements and Information Display

When Golden Tulip Festac Lagos called us in, we discovered that just like every customer, they had a unique need. They required a solution that will replace their meeting boards, notice boards, flight schedule boards, etc. We responded by designing a solution which captured everything they wanted and even offered them more. We provided 2 units of 65-inches LFDs positioned in strategic locations in the hotel to display the desired information. These displays, were installed in portrait orientation to simulate the banner format to which their content usually conforms. We also provided the needed infrastructure of the central management of these LFDs. We went further to design user friendly templates which empowered them to do away with the old method of displaying information. Lastly, we also provided the Lobby LFD in a beautifully constructed casing finished with a golden brown wooden color reflecting the color theme of the hotel lobby.

Single Screen LFD, Golden Tulip Hotel
Single Screen LFD at Golden Tulip Hotel


Client: MTN
Project: Digital Signage Solution

This Project is to deploy Samsung Video Wall Solution at designated areas within the MTN Nigeria’s head office for the purpose of information display. Contents of various formats will be displayed on the Video Wall. These set of networked screens will be centrally controlled from a server. The following are the highlights of the video wall display solution. The High Resolution LFD screens which has in-built PC and Network capability with the specialized software on them is to be inter connected to theeo controleo server, all on the same Local Area Network. The Video Wall can be split into more than one frame (boxes) and each frame showing different contents as pre-scheduled. The screens will be installed using wall mounts. The Video Wall will be connected to the control server where the content to be displayed on the video wall will created, scheduled and sent to the video wall. These contents shall be of various formats, ranging from Video files, Pictures of various formats, flash files, Scrolling Texts, Pdf files and Digital Clocks of various countries amongst others.

Client: The Ministry of Defence Abuja
Project: AudioVisual Solution

The venue of this project is a Theatre Hall of 2,000 participants. A proposal was made to deploy both Audio and Visual solutions at the Auditorium to make Presentation and Speech.

It features a 5m wall retractable Screen with a 10,000 lumens ceiling mounted projector. TOA line array speakers for audio production and background music system. 24 ceiling suspended Omni-directional condenser microphones were installed for participants to make speech when required.

Presentation is made from an iPad and Laptop wirelessly unto the projector for display on the screen. The entire system is controlled with an Installed Media Link Controller (MLC) which enables a user to power on and off the projector; which in turns brings down the screen seamlessly. With the Media Link wall controller, sources are selected to be displayed on the screen, while participants can dialogue while seated using the installed ceiling suspended omni-directional microphones. The MLC also controls the audio signal being sent into the speakers either from the Laptop or from the microphones.

Five (5) units of 65 inches screen were installed for extended visual display of contents from presentation to other viewers at different locations. Out of this is a Motorized TV Lift installed on the platform to serve Delegates on the Podium for rear viewing of contents displayed.

All these were integrated with Multichannel amplifiers, receivers, modulators, Media Link switchers which enable a swift switching of sources from one to another; programmed with the Media Link Controller to deliver the solution so required.

Solution Overview

The system amplifier manufactured by TOA (VM-3240VA) is a multifunctional device with audio inputs for background music and extra 3 inputs for audio signals. There are 6 speaker output selectors which will enable an operator zone signals to various floors needing specific information at a particular time.

Signals will be connected into the main unit as audio sources and sent to the speakers in all the zones. It could be from a CD player, iPod, Tuner, pre-recorded music from a PC or iPad. These sources will be installed in the rack at the Central control room.

The system permits a general-purpose broadcast and also an emergency broadcast based on EN60849 Standard which gives pre-recorded voice instructions in an emergency situation. Emergency broadcast can be made from the microphone attached to the system or from the remote microphone RM-200M with active buttons.

The system also features the surveillance function which automatically checks the system for failures and then alert for attention.

Speakers integrated with this system are also manufactured by TOA. It is a wide dispersion flush mount ceiling speakers delivering a well-balanced audio production without treble attenuation (minimal high frequency roll off) over an expanded listening area. It is designed to blend into ceilings with a smooth, low-profile design made with metal "back can" enclosure for the speaker rear.