The Client

Ecobank Group officially known as Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI), is a large and technologically dynamic financial services provider with offices in 39 countries around the world, and presence in 36 sub-Saharan countries. As of December 2012, Ecobank's customer base was estimated at 13.7 million, with 9.6 million (70.2%), located in Nigeria, the continent's most populous nation. At that time, the group's total assets were valued at US$20.0 billion, with shareholders' equity of US$2.176 billion. Ecobank's branch network numbered 1,305, with 1,981 networked ATMs. The bank had 19,565 employees, in 39 countries, in Africa, Asia and Europe, at the end of March 2014.

The Need

The Ecobank Nigeria Infrastructure Monitoring Team located in Lagos, is responsible for monitoring infrastructures located across all the Ecobank affiliates. Considering the fact that Ecobank Group is one of the biggest banks in Africa, with over 1’300 branches, they needed large display consoles to enable them clearly see and monitor all critical assets within the enterprise. They installed multiple TV screens for this purpose, but over time, they realized there was a problem. The TV screens were going dark after sometime of use because TVs were not built for this kind of 24/7 operation. The Team at Ecobank Nigeria also realized that they needed flexibility in pushing whatever content that needed to be monitored on the screens. This was a big concern but did not know how to go about it.

The Solution

Enter Proxynet Communications in partnership with Samsung West Africa to provide the needed solution for Ecobank Nigeria Infrastructure Monitoring Team. Proxynet Communications discussed with the customer to understand all their needs. The Team at Proxynet went ahead to propose and deploy a 4 by 2 Matrix 46” VideoWall. This VideoWall is made up of 8 individual LFDs which are configured to display as different screens or as a composite display.

Ecobank 4x2 NOC VideoWall

This solution is very unique in that every display comes with a network module, and each network module is configured to communicate with a Console Server. This Server allows unlimited flexibility in the display configuration of the VideoWall. For instance, any cluster of LFDs within the VideoWall can be configured to display a unique content. This was met and exceeded what the client needed. In addition, any monitoring application interface can be magnified to fill the entire VideoWall resulting in an Ultra HD display of the assets to be monitored. We also gave Ecobank the ability to integrate LiveCasters. These devices are Virtual appliances that are used to map any application interface onto the VideoWall in mixed style. 

The Result

Today, Ecobank Nigeria infrastructure monitoring team now has at their fingertips a very powerful solution to monitor any asset or infrastructure within the Ecobank Group.