The Client

UniBank (Ghana) Limited, commonly known as uniBank, was an indigenous private bank in Ghana, West Africa. uniBank was one of the thirty-five (35) commercial banks licensed to operate in Ghana before being absolved by Bank of Ghana under Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG). uniBank was a tier one financial services provider, the bank's total assets were valued at approximately US$433 million (GHS:1.3 billion), with shareholders' equity of approximately US$50 million (GHS:151 million).

The Need

In 2016, the Bank built a new Disaster Management Room and needed a budget solution that can be used for application monitoring and can run round the clock 24/7.

The Solution

Enter Proxynet Communications in partnership with Samsung West Africa to provide the needed solution for UniBank (Ghana) Limited Infrastructure Monitoring Team. Proxynet Communications discussed with the customer to understand all their needs.

It was no brainer to propose the Samsung Standalone LFDs (Large Format Display), professional-grade digital signage that reliably delivers rich content 24/7 with MagicInfo solution. Durable and extended 24/7 usage for continuous high performance with clear visibility. All-in-one display solution with embedded MagicInfo Player S3, no need for external media players. Simplified content management with built-in Wifi and an easy-to-use mobile application.

3 Units of 40” Samsung Professional Grade LFDs.

The Result

Unibank was able to achieve a durable, proficient display monitor for the display room application monitoring.