The Client

Altech West Africa Limited provides card printing, personalization, and fulfillment services. It manufactures various types of contact or contactless plastic smart card products, including magnetic stripe encoding, drop on demand technology; a range of recovery and availability solutions that enable organizations to reduce their recovery time objective in the event of a disaster; and secure and non-secure paper products.

The Need

Understanding the critical nature of their operations and business, Altech WA decided to invest in a solution that is top class, non-compromising, futuristic, and able to meet their demanding cyber security needs. Proxynet Communications came to the rescue in collaboration with FireEye to provide Altech WA the solution they needed; The FireEye 1310 Web MPS solution.

The Solution

The FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS) stops Web-based attacks that traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, Anti-Virus, and Web gateways miss. It protects against zero-day Web exploits and multi-protocol callbacks to keep sensitive data and systems safe. The FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS) provides the following benefits to secure the Altech WA network and their maintain the integrity of their operations;
Protects against unknown, zero-day attacks - The signature-less VX engine detects advanced attacks exploiting unknown vulnerabilities as well as malicious code embedded in common Web and multimedia content.
Real-time protection to stop Web-based attacks - Web MPS appliances can be deployed inline at Internet egress (outgoing) points to block Web exploits and outbound multi-protocol callbacks.
Fights blended attacks across Web and email threat vectors - Together, MPS appliances protect against blended, advanced attacks that use the Web, spear phishing emails, and zero-day exploits.
No rules tuning and no false positives - This easy-to-manage, clientless appliance deploys in under 30 minutes and requires absolutely no tuning. The FireEye VX engine eliminates false alerts and provides administrators with the true incidents that merit attention.
Malware intelligence sharing - The subsequent dynamically generated, real-time malware intelligence can help all FireEye appliances protect the local network. This intelligence can be shared globally through the FireEye Malware Protection Cloud (MPC) to notify all subscribers of new threats.
Streamlined incident prioritization - With FireEye AV-Suite, each malicious object can be further analyzed to determine if anti-virus vendors were able to detect the malware stopped by the Web MPS. This enables customers to more efficiently prioritize incident response follow-ups.
Note: Advanced targeted attacks use the Web as a primary attack route since nearly all organizations allow some Web access. Criminals deliver zero-day exploits during Web browsing or via a malicious URL in an email. These zero-day exploits are delivered in form of malicious samples or malware that have not been detected or defined on any end point security or anti-malware network. This makes it impossible for any antimalware or endpoint security solution detect the attack. This is due to the fact that Anti-Malware/Endpoint security solutions work with virus definition signatures. Thus if the solution does not have a definition signature downloaded and applied at the time of the exploit, it is vulnerable to such zero-day attacks.

The Result

With the installation of the FireEye 1310 Web MPS solution, Altech West Africa Limited has enjoyed a highly secure and attack free network environment, while focusing more on providing their clients with the promised level of satisfaction and fulfillment in their services.