The Client

Access Bank Plc. is a full service commercial Bank operating through a network of about 366 branches and service outlets located in major centers across Nigeria, Sub Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom. Listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1998, the Bank serves its various markets through 4 business segments: Personal, Business, Commercial and Corporate & Investment banking. Access Bank has over 830,000 shareholders including several Nigerian and International Institutional Investors and has enjoyed what is arguably Africa's most successful banking growth trajectory in the last ten years ranking amongst Africa's top 20 banks by total assets and capital in 2011.

The Need

The Access Bank Nigeria Infrastructure Monitoring Team located in Victoria Island, Lagos having a acquired the Premium CA Spectrum monitoring solution for infrastructure monitoring, set out to also acquire a matching display solution that will rival any modern command center console. Their target was to setup a modern display console to enable them have high definition visibility into the assets of the organization. They also needed to clearly monitor the health and uptime of all critical infrastructure within the enterprise. They approached this solution by installing a number of TV screens within the command center. After a while they realized these TV screens could not cut it for what they have in mind. It was at this point that the Access Bank infrastructure monitoring team came in contact with Proxynet Communications.

The Solution

Proxynet Communications in partnership with Samsung West Africa provided the needed solution for Access Bank Nigeria Infrastructure Monitoring Team. Proxynet Communications understanding the pains of the client, went ahead to propose, design and deploy a 4 by 2 Matrix 55” LFD VideoWall. This VideoWall is made up of 8 individual LFDs which are configured to display as different screens or as a merged display.

Access Bank 4x2 NOC VideoWall

This solution is very unique in that every display comes with a network module, and each network module is configured to communicate with a Console Server. This Server allows unlimited flexibility in the display configuration of the VideoWall. The solution is designed to allow any cluster of LFDs within the VideoWall to be configured as a separate display. This exceeded what the client needed. Additionally, any monitoring application interface can be enlarged to fill the entire VideoWall resulting in an Ultra HD display of monitored assets. Access Bank also got the ability to integrate LiveCaster devices. These virtual devices are used to map any application user interface onto the VideoWall effective monitoring. 

The Result

Today, Access Bank Nigeria infrastructure monitoring team now has one of the finest and most powerful solutions for asset or infrastructure monitoring within Access Bank.