Proxynet Communications is an Information Technology Company focusing on Systems Integrations, Network Security / disaster recovery Solution, Enterprise Software Solutions. Our businesses are strongly channeled to providing integrated, turnkey, technology solutions to the financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, Oil and blue chip sectors in Nigeria. 

Nigeria with a population of 150 million people is a large and an emerging market for the IT Industry, so we have strategically positioned ourselves to be one of the leading major players in this global Information Technology Re-engineering.

Our suite of integration services takes you from concept to results. 

  • Plan: We work with our customers to create IT strategies that will align with your business objectives. 
  • Design: We work with our customers to design a robust and scalable network infrastructure. 
  • Build: Our methods and experience with the most appropriate technologies means we get it done right - on time and on budget. 
  • Operate: You get the benefits of your IT solution once it goes live, and we’ll help you manage the applications and environment to meet and evolve with your needs. 

Our services are focused on clients in industries where we have extensive experience. We can always get to understand your business faster, and provide better results. Co-integration™ gives you and us a unique advantage. Co-integration is Proxynet's approach to delivering results and value across your entire enterprise. We can enable activity and share information across both corporate and operational systems. 

Corporate systems: We help you manage your business, customers, employees, suppliers and key information. 

Operational systems: our engineering rigor and technical prowess gives you the confidence to have us to tackle your real-time, mission-critical systems. As the lines between corporate and operational systems continue to blur, we have the unique blend of skills to create solutions across your entire enterprise. Think of co-integration as the next level of systems integration.

Proxynet Communications is a first choice, award winning solutions Integrator. Our focus is on both established and emerging technologies that address current trends and issues within today's complex networking environment. We recognize that all organizations have different requirements. We evaluate each organization separately and offer impartial advice on all of our partner technologies. We are West African's fully trained provider of Network performance solutions and can provide a complete service from an initial consultation to establish how or Performance Solutions can fit into your organization right through to the implementation and maintenance of the technology and the 24 hour customer care and advice which is often regarded as important as the technology itself.

Proxynet Communications' unique and specialist approach to security and risk management challenges the methodologies of other integrators and service providers. Listening attentively allows us to serve our clients more effectively, blending new innovating technologies into their existing enterprise. 

We work with world leading independent advisors and proactively hunt for new technologies and solutions that address specific client requirements. Our investment into new emerging solutions and services is only eclipsed by our investment of time in client management and understanding the business challenge. At Proxynet, our clients always come first. We help maximize their existing IT investments and contribute to the business justification that demonstrates the 'Total Value of Ownership' to their stakeholders. 

Our customers have described our approach as “Professional, knowledgeable with a can-do-attitude”. We see ourselves as their trusted advisors and in order to hold on to this position we invest in the best personnel and industry partnerships. 

Continuous Service Excellence and Outstanding Value for Money is how we are measured. From the manufacturing services sector to Financial Services, Telecommunications etc, from strategic design to full implementation, more and more enterprise clients' turn to Proxynet to provide tailored solutions to fit their business requirements. Domestically and internationally, all of our clients enjoy the same high-level quality of service and take full advantage of our industry expertise. Our continuous improvement process ensures our 'quality approach' remains state of the art at all times.

Our AIM 

Proxynet Communications is set to empower end users by partnering with the right Vendors to deliver the most appropriate solutions to end users while considering the return on investment (ROI) thus ensuring optimal solution usage. The Company's strategy has been to identify partners with best-in-class products and culture tuned to provide leading edge solutions. Proxynet has a strategic business focus on providing leading edge solutions to the financial services sector. This focus has helped Proxynet develop the necessary expertise in identifying, developing, implementing and supporting solutions ranging from wired to wireless integrated solutions. 

Our Mission 

To attain and maintain leadership in the ICT Industry through the provision of the highest quality of service that will give our customers unsurpassed value in a cost effective and responsible manner bringing value creation to the community as a whole. 

Our Vision 

"To be a definition of true success in the delivery and support of ICT Solutions globally; through the achievement of superior technology to our customer base by consistently aligning with the dynamics of Information age while setting and maintaining standards". 

Our Strength 

As a people, we depend solely on the power of God through constant prayers. Proxynet's vision is to deploy integrated IT solutions, which will support and enhance our customers' business thrust. In addition to the well-qualified and experienced local resources, specialized resources are available from the group's large partner skills base. 

Our Core Value System 

  1. Purpose Driven
  2. Accountability
  3. Integrity
  4. Discipline
  5. Stewardship
  6. Oneness
  7. Exemplary